Our Faculty Advisor – Jean MacRae

Jean MacRae received her Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from the University of British Columbia. Some of her research interest include sustainability issues and microbial processes. She is currently a professor here at the University of Maine.

Jean first heard about EWB shortly after it was established during an Environmental Engineering Conference. While at the University of Maine, she first was involved with Central America Service Association (CASA), after which her students asked her to advise EWB-UMaine. And Jean has been the advisor of EWB-UMaine since its start in 2007.

She involves her time in EWB because she thinks it has a good mission, that EWB is good for us (the members) and good for the community as it has everyone involved in the entire process. Her involvement in EWB has broadened her research area, helped her grow intellectually, and developed her world view.

Her favorite moments from EWB have been observing students change, seeing people find their passion and having people find meaningful work through their involvement in EWB.