Christine Hendren

Christine Hendren’s work focuses on developing and applying methods, models, and human processes to integrate and co-create knowledge across boundaries – disciplinary, sectoral, cultural, and geographic – to lead research teams in addressing complex global challenges.

Christine came to this work through problem-based convergent research in the field of nanomaterial environment, health and safety research, which coalesced a broad range of expertise and methods to elucidate what governs nanomaterial behavior and impacts, and translate this understanding into directional guidance for managing potential risks.

She has since expanded to facilitate convergent research addressing a broader range of wicked environmental and societal problems, particularly emerging and complex risks characterized by pervasive uncertainty. She draws on her home disciplines of environmental engineering and risk assessment, the science of team science, and integration and implementation science (I2S). Methods include data integration, knowledge mapping and network visualization, structured facilitation, and co-establishment of a shared language for spanning boundaries in the context of a shared goal.