ME EPSCoR produces new video featuring Jason Brough

A Maine EPSCoR student video production* presents Jason Brough, a member of the Shoshone Nation and a PhD Student in Anthropology and Environmental Policy at the University of Maine. Brough works as a graduate student with Wabanaki youth on Indian Island, as part of the Wabanaki Youth in Science (WaYS) program, which is supported through Maine EPSCoR funding.

As a part of WaYS, Brough helps to foster the spiritual element of what it means to be Wabanaki, along with western science practices and exploration. As you will see in this video, WaYS is an essential part of providing Wabanaki youth with their cultural heritage and the potential to reclaim that within the scientific and environmental community.

You can watch the video by clicking the link below:

“Integrating Technology Science and Traditional Culture.”


*Video by Jake Buttarazzi (Maine EPSCoR Undergraduate Media Assistant).