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For conditionally certified special educators, Maine SEEDS (formerly Maine’s Alternative Certification Mentoring Program) ensures intensive, ongoing support and mentoring from an experienced special educator in the same area of practice. At the same time, conditionally certified special educators successfully complete a one-semester of graduate course that addresses topics critical to new special educators. The goal is to provide new special educators with experienced mentor teachers to provide modeling and coaching, as well as access to resources and promising practices.

For Mentors

For special education teachers new to mentoring, Maine SEEDS offers an online special ed mentor training that concludes with one in-person training day. For special education mentors with previous mentor training, Maine SEEDS offers an online special education mentor refresher course. Both trainings, when successfully completed, are worth 20 contact hours.

Local Education Authorities (LEAs) that have trained special educator mentors may assign their mentors to conditionally certified SED teachers. The LEA must contact the MACM Coordinator with contact information for the mentor, mentee, and local certification committee. LEAs are responsible for any compensation, including stipends, provided to LEA mentors.

Maine SEEDS mentors are veteran special educators with mentor training, and are available to mentor conditionally certified SED teachers if the LEA does not have a qualified SED mentor available. The LEA is still expected to assign a local teacher to fulfill all required PEPG observations, orient the new teacher to LEA practices and procedures, and report to the LEA certification committee. The Maine SEEDS mentor will provide special education-specific support.

Maine SEEDS mentors receive a stipend of $250 per mentee, per semester. This stipend is currently provided by Maine DOE.

Maine SEEDS seeks to partner with local school districts to provide a special education-specific mentoring option to support the district’s existing teacher support system. We want to keep in place the evaluation plan already used in your schools and expect our mentors to collaborate with your teams.

Maine SEEDS gives school districts access to a cadre of trained, experienced special educator mentors to assist new conditionally certified colleagues during their critical first year of practice. Maine SEEDS also works with districts to develop internal capacity and to identify ways to strengthen their new special educator induction plans and support networks.


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