George Marnik

marnikLecturer in Educational Leadership (Retired)

Bio: George Marnik has worked in the field of education for 45 years. His early career was centered in Philadelphia and Camden, N.J. as a high school teacher and director of Alternative Education Programs. After moving to Maine he worked as a teacher, assistant principal and principal for 18 years on Deer Isle and Mount Desert Island. His interests shifted to leadership development, and George was one of the initiators and facilitators of the Maine Academy for School Leaders and later the Maine School Leadership Network. In 1999, George became a faculty member in the educational leadership program at the University of Maine College of Education and Human Development. He retired at the end of the 2015-2016 school year.

Ed.D., 1997, University of Maine
M.Ed., 1972, Temple University
B.A. University of Dayton

Courses taught at UMaine

  • EAD 690: Principal Internship
  • EAD 691: Internship in Educational Leadership
  • EAD 616: Resource Based Decision-making
  • EHD 569: Capstone Seminar in Educational Leadership
  • EAD 565/566: Inquiry and Evaluation in Schools, Part I and II

Sample publications


  • Buckingham, D., Donaldson, G. and Marnik, G. (2005). The Maine Principal Study: Change and Stability in School Leadership, 1992-2005. Orono, ME: University of Maine.
  • Donaldson, G. and G. Marnik (1995). Becoming Better Leaders: The Challenge of Improving Student Learning. Newbury Park, CA: Corwin.
  • Donaldson, G. and G. Marnik (Eds). (1995). As Leaders Learn: Personal Stories of Growth in School Leadership. Newbury Park, CA: Corwin.

Journal articles

  • Donaldson, G., Marnik, G., Mackenzie, S., & Ackerman, R. (2009 October) What makes or breaks principal: Learning relational skills. Educational Leadership, 67 (2), 8-14.
  • Mackenzie, S. V., & Marnik, G. F. (2008, Spring/Fall). Rethinking leadership development: How school leaders learn in action. Schools: Studies in Education, 5 (1/2), 183-204.
  • Marnik, G. (1999). Democracy Practiced, Democracy Learned: Student Voice as a Focus of Public Education. Journal of Maine Education, XV, 25-28.
  • Marnik, G. (October, 1998). Reflections on the High School Principalship. High School Magazine, Volume 6, Number 2, 4-9.
  • Lofty, J. and G. Marnik (March/April,1996). Learning Time: Understanding the Many Facets of a Basic Concept. High School Magazine, Volume 4, Number 3, 12-17.

Book Chapters

  • Ackerman, R. H., Donaldson, G. A., Jr., Mackenzie, S. V., & Marnik, G. (2011).  Leadership learning that makes a difference in schools: Pushing the frontier at the University of Maine.
  • Townsend, T., and MacBeath, J. (Eds.), International Handbook of Leadership for Learning. Springer Publishing. 22 (1) 375-396.
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  • Marnik, G. (October, 1997). A Glimpse into Today’s High Schools from the Perspective of One Maine Principal. In the conference report Successful a Shared Responsibility of Maine High Schools and the University of Maine, 46-52.