Awards Committee

The duty of the Awards Committee shall be to review applications for the College of Education and Human Development’s annual awards, including but not limited to: the Outstanding Teaching Awards, the Outstanding Research and Creative Achievement Award, and the Outstanding Public Service and Engagement Award.

The Awards Committee will include representatives from the peer committee of each School, as well as the teaching, research, and service award recipients from the previous year. At least three members will be tenured. Committee members will be appointed by the school director or dean and will serve on a rotating schedule. Members cannot be considered for one of the awards while serving on the Awards Committee.

Awards Committee:

  • Sandy Caron
  • Bob Lehnhard
  • Craig Mason
  • Tammy Mills
  • Sid Mitchell
  • Dominick Varney

Awardees will be honored at the annual COEHD Recognition Ceremony. Award descriptions and nomination criteria are listed below. For a list of past honorees, click here.

Award Descriptions:

Teaching Excellence Award

Teaching evaluations from the previous two semesters will be examined, with particular attention to the highest mean ratings in the items generally reviewed for promotion/tenure (Q1, Q3, Q6, Q7, Q10, & Q13). All faculty members who have taught in these two terms will be considered for the award, regardless of rank. Those faculty members with the five highest means in these categories will have the qualitative feedback on their teaching further examined. Two awards in this category will be named: one for a full-time faculty member and one for an adjunct faculty member.

Research and Creative Achievement Award

Nominations and self-nominations of the most impactful publication (i.e., journal article, book chapter, book, monograph, research report, etc.) of the previous calendar year will be accepted. These publications must have been published in print or online during the calendar year prior to when the award is conferred. The committee will examine these publications and seek additional expertise on content, if needed.

Faculty Service Award

Service reported in the annual Faculty/Staff profile for the previous academic year will be examined for all faculty members. All service related to disciplinary, professional, and community outreach will be included as part of the review. Faculty members who have engaged in impactful service in these categories will be considered for this award.

Nominations for the Teaching Excellence Award, Research and Creative Achievement Award and Faculty Service Award should include:

  • A letter from the nominator addressing the nominee’s accomplishments in relation to the specific criteria in the award description.
  • Any 1 of the following 4 documents: The nominee’s CV or tenure document or latest post-tenure review or permission for the review committee to access his or her faculty activity reports.

Staff Service Award

Staff members (defined as classified, professional, and other non-faculty positions) should self-nominate or be nominated for their body of service to the College, the University, as well as service to the surrounding community, region, State, or nation.

Nominations for the Staff Service Award should include:

  • A one-page letter that details the types and scope of service activities in which the staff member has engaged.