Cole Land Transportation Museum

Reading RecoveryThe College of Education and Human Development at the University of Maine would like to acknowledge the Cole Land Transportation Museum of Bangor for its ongoing contributions to our endeavors to support students in the state.

For more than 20 years, the College of Education and Human Development has been a training center for Reading Recovery, a program supported with annual grants from the Cole Foundation. The college trains teachers who use the early intervention initiative with first-grade students who experience difficulty reading and writing. The College of Education and Human Development has trained more than 200 Reading Recovery teachers in Maine to work with hundreds of first-graders annually. We could not do this good work without the generous support of the Cole Land Transportation Museum.

In 2014-2015, the foundation provided financial support to continue use of the Comprehensive Intervention Model for Maine (CIMME) data system, designed by researchers in our college as a management tool for student literacy intervention. CIMME provides literacy intervention teachers access to a unique, real time database for tailoring instruction for struggling readers.

For more than five years, the Cole Land Transportation Museum has provided $2,500 scholarships to College of Education and Human Development students majoring in teacher education. In the first year of the partnership, four students received scholarships. In 2015, a dozen students received financial aid from the foundation. These future educators will soon be working in schools throughout Maine thanks in no small part to the Cole Museum’s efforts.

These are just some examples of the generous support provided by our friends in education. Thank you to the Cole Foundation for your support of our college and students across Maine.