College of Education and Human Development fall 2023 Dean’s List

The University of Maine has announced the names of students who earned Dean’s List honors for the fall 2023 semester. The list includes more than 340 students from the College of Education and Human Development.

The college’s Dean’s List includes students from all corners of Maine, as well as 20 other states and five countries other than the U.S. See their names and majors below.

To be eligible for the full-time Dean’s List, a student must have completed 12 or more calculable credits in the semester and have earned a 3.50 or higher semester GPA. Students who have part-time status during both the fall and spring semesters of a given academic year are eligible for part-time Dean’s List. They must have completed 12 or more calculable credits over both terms and have earned a combined GPA in those terms of 3.50 or higher. View the university-wide Dean’s List at UMaine News.

Please note that some students have requested that their information not be released; therefore, their names are not included.

First Name Last Name Major Hometown Country
Olivia Adams Secondary Education Lowell, MA  
Ayla Aldrich Elementary Education Biddeford, ME  
Patty Andersen Secondary Education Durham, NH  
Brooke Andre Kinesiology & Physical Education Gardiner, ME  
Sam Arnold Kinesiology & Physical Education Eliot, ME  
Alexon Astbury Elementary Education Brooksville, ME  
Kylie Azevedo Child Development & Family Relations Tiverton, RI  
Brooke Barker Kinesiology & Physical Education Hampden, ME  
Jasper Basile-Maslowe Kinesiology & Physical Education Newton Center, MA  
Anna Beach Kinesiology & Physical Education Sabattus, ME  
Mychal Beaulieu Secondary Education Hampden, ME  
Sarah Beaulieu Elementary Education Caribou, ME  
Keely Becker Elementary Education Old Town, ME  
Gamma Bellenoit Kinesiology & Physical Education Old Town, ME  
Ilana Berkovitz Kinesiology & Physical Education North Chelmsford, MA  
Peter Blackwell Secondary Education Bangor, ME  
Hannah Marie Blackwood Secondary Education Castine, ME  
Carson Blake Secondary Education South Portland, ME  
Sam Blanc Kinesiology & Physical Education Westford, MA  
Joseph Bobrowski Kinesiology & Physical Education Bloomsbury, NJ  
Justin Bolduc Kinesiology & Physical Education Winslow, ME  
Natalie Bouchard Child Development & Family Relations Kingston, MA  
Abby Bourgeois Elementary Education York, ME  
Emily Boynton Child Development & Family Relations Thomaston, ME  
Carmen Braden Child Development & Family Relations Lawrence, KS  
Haley Braga Secondary Education Stockton Springs, ME  
Lola Branson Elementary Education Glastonbury, CT  
Rachel Brask Elementary Education Kennebunkport, ME  
Audra Brooks Elementary Education Orrington, ME  
Bella Brown Athletic Training Bar Harbor, ME  
Jon Brown Kinesiology & Physical Education Wells, ME  
Justin Browne Kinesiology & Physical Education Vassalboro, ME  
Jack Brownstein Secondary Education South Portland, ME  
Emma Brusie Secondary Education Orono, ME  
Elly Buskey Child Development & Family Relations Hyannis, MA  
Emily Byrne Elementary Education Standish, ME  
Ashleigh Capelle Secondary Education Hyannis, MA  
Aidan Carney Kinesiology & Physical Education Paradise Valley, AZ  
Mia Carney Kinesiology & Physical Education Ashland, ME  
Charlotte Caron Elementary Education Hermon, ME  
Haley Cherry Elementary Education Whiting, ME  
Kimmy Chhoeuk Kinesiology & Physical Education Shrewsbury, MA  
Erin Christensen Elementary Education Brant Rock, MA  
Lanie Christianson Elementary Education Old Town, ME  
Jaycie Christopher Elementary Education Skowhegan, ME  
Sam Ciardiello Kinesiology & Physical Education Lebanon, NJ  
Gianna Cilley Elementary Education Orono, ME  
Riley Clark Kinesiology & Physical Education Prospect, CT  
Madison Clifford Undeclared (EDHD) Ellsworth, ME  
Stephanie Clisham Secondary Education Winterport, ME  
Molly Cochrane Elementary Education Raymond, ME  
Sarah Cole Secondary Education Old Town, ME  
Calvin Comeau Kinesiology & Physical Education South Portland, ME  
Keegan Comeau Kinesiology & Physical Education Merrimac, MA  
Caleb Congdon Kinesiology & Physical Education Kennebunk, ME  
Jasmyne Coombs Elementary Education Solon, ME  
Carrie Corson Child Development & Family Relations Detroit, ME  
Guin Cote Secondary Education Scarborough, ME  
Jillian Cote Kinesiology & Physical Education Wells, ME  
Adia Coulombe Child Development & Family Relations Lisbon, ME  
Ailsa Craig Elementary Education Dorchester, MA  
Ethan Crawford Athletic Training Exeter, NH  
Ashley Cray Child Development & Family Relations Orono, ME  
Kelly Cremmen Kinesiology & Physical Education Lebanon, ME  
Natalie Curry Secondary Education Morrill, ME  
Susannah Curtis Secondary Education Madison, ME  
Holly Davis Elementary Education South Weymouth, MA  
Jinny Davis Kinesiology & Physical Education Addison, ME  
Katie Davis Secondary Education Old Town, ME  
Hannah Deighan Kinesiology & Physical Education Beverly Hills, MI  
Dawson Desrosiers Athletic Training Saco, ME  
Sydney Dood Elementary Education Fayette, ME  
Caroline Dotsey Kinesiology & Physical Education Havertown, PA  
Elizabeth Doucette Elementary Education Nahant, MA  
Abigail Downing Elementary Education Holden, ME  
Emilyann Drumm Elementary Education Poland, ME  
Ana Dunn Child Development & Family Relations Holden, ME  
William Dunn Kinesiology & Physical Education Auburn, ME  
Ashley Dunphy Elementary Education Hermon, ME  
Leaf Dyer Undeclared (EDHD) Searsmont, ME  
Molly Dyer Child Development & Family Relations Litchfield, NH  
Brynn Dzengelewski Kinesiology & Physical Education Highlands Ranch, CO  
Matthew Eastman Secondary Education Wells, ME  
Brooke Edgecomb Elementary Education Scarborough, ME  
Emily Ernst Elementary Education Marblehead, MA  
Kate Evans Secondary Education Bangor, ME  
Sierra Farley Kinesiology & Physical Education Washburn, ME  
Ben Feldman Secondary Education Auburn, ME  
Fiona Ferrell Elementary Education Falmouth, ME  
Lily Fetch Undeclared (EDHD) Saint Paul, MN  
Alexiis Fiore Secondary Education Portland, ME  
Riley Flubacher Secondary Education Winter Harbor, ME  
Paige Ford Secondary Education Belfast, ME  
Blair Fortin Secondary Education Benton, ME  
Emma Fortin Kinesiology & Physical Education Vassalboro, ME  
Natalie Fossett Kinesiology & Physical Education Gardiner, ME  
Sophie Gagne Elementary Education Gorham, ME  
Toni Gagner Child Development & Family Relations Big Lake Twp, ME  
Hannah Gagnon Elementary Education Bangor, ME  
Mackenzie Gagnon Elementary Education Brewer, ME  
Eliott Gagnon-Victor Secondary Education Ellsworth, ME  
Carina Gatti Kinesiology & Physical Education Saint Paul, MN  
Anastasia Gehrisch Elementary Education Barrington, IL  
Marissa Giberson Elementary Education Fort Fairfield, ME  
Aislinn Gibson Kinesiology & Physical Education Pembroke, NH  
Ali Gilman Elementary Education West Enfield, ME  
Rowan Gingras Secondary Education Bangor, ME  
Max Ginsburg Kinesiology & Physical Education Clinton, MA  
Emma Gold Child Development & Family Relations Fairfield, CT  
Lotus Graves Secondary Education Gorham, ME  
George Grindle Secondary Education Orono, ME  
Becka Grisdale Kinesiology & Physical Education Calgary, AB Canada
Steve Hallinan Kinesiology & Physical Education Beverly, MA  
Gabby Halpern Athletic Training Goffstown, NH  
Emily Hamby Child Development & Family Relations Andover, MA  
Luke Hamlin Athletic Training Searsmont, ME  
Madison Hand Kinesiology & Physical Education Milmay, NJ  
Bri Harriman Kinesiology & Physical Education Augusta, ME  
Sydney Hauser Kinesiology & Physical Education Quaker Hill, CT  
Amelia Hayden Elementary Education Surry, ME  
Tatum Hayward Elementary Education Scarborough, ME  
Sarah Hellen Elementary Education Oakland, ME  
Mickey Hersey Kinesiology & Physical Education Brewer, ME  
Hannah Higgins Elementary Education Albion, ME  
Delia Hill Secondary Education Winterport, ME  
Rachel Hodge Elementary Education Delmar, NY  
Molly Hodgkins Elementary Education Windham, ME  
Jack Hogan Secondary Education Saunderstown, RI  
Ryan Howell Kinesiology & Physical Education Portland, ME  
Mikyla Howland Elementary Education Haynesville, ME  
Brooke Howlett Elementary Education Mars Hill, ME  
Jared Hoxie Athletic Training Brewer, ME  
Abby Huchel Kinesiology & Physical Education South Portland, ME  
Kaho Ikeda Visiting Student EDHD Tomakomai-Shi Japan
Keira Inman Kinesiology & Physical Education Argyle, TX  
Morgan Inman Elementary Education Wales, ME  
Megan Innis Child Development & Family Relations Framingham, MA  
Hannah Irish Elementary Education Lincoln, ME  
Alexa Jarvis Elementary Education Bangor, ME  
Hannah Johndro Child Development & Family Relations Auburn, ME  
Madelyn Johnson Elementary Education Melrose, MA  
Kiersten Jones Elementary Education North Berwick, ME  
Macey Jordan Kinesiology & Physical Education Hancock, ME  
Tyler Kahkonen Secondary Education Brewer, ME  
Jess Kasacek Kinesiology & Physical Education Canterbury, CT  
Allie Kasprzak Elementary Education Danvers, MA  
Owen Kelly Kinesiology & Physical Education Westborough, MA  
Erin Kennedy Elementary Education Rockland, ME  
Marx Kennedy Secondary Education Glenburn, ME  
Emily Kidd Kinesiology & Physical Education Freeman Twp, ME  
Jerdon Kiesman Elementary Education Winterport, ME  
Diana Kimball Kinesiology & Physical Education North Yarmouth, ME  
Jake Kingdon Kinesiology & Physical Education Scarborough, ME  
Jazzy Knapp Elementary Education Bangor, ME  
Ava Knowles Child Development & Family Relations Bucksport, ME  
Jordyn Kohtala Elementary Education Otisfield, ME  
Andrea Kondax Elementary Education Corinna, ME  
Elizabeth Koval Child Development & Family Relations Brunswick, ME  
Ida Kuoppala Kinesiology & Physical Education Pietarsaari Finland
Emily Labbe Child Development & Family Relations Scarborough, ME  
Megan LaChance Elementary Education Rumford, ME  
Kelsy Lacroix Elementary Education Williamsburg Twp, ME  
Charlee Laffey Kinesiology & Physical Education Brewer, ME  
Cadence Lamkins Child Development & Family Relations Thomaston, ME  
Gabrielle Langone Elementary Education Lynnfield, MA  
Caroline LaPerriere Elementary Education Orono, ME  
Zac LaPlante Secondary Education Old Orchard Beach, ME  
Sydney Latlippe Kinesiology & Physical Education Bangor, ME  
Audrey Leavitt Elementary Education Tenants Harbor, ME  
Megan Leddy Elementary Education Ellsworth, ME  
Nathan Lefebre Kinesiology & Physical Education Augusta, ME  
Joseph Lemischak Kinesiology & Physical Education Hastings on Hudson, NY  
Carly Lettre Child Development & Family Relations Augusta, ME  
Tyler Levesque Secondary Education Lewiston, ME  
Shelby Lewis Elementary Education Oakfield, ME  
Rowan Libby Secondary Education Old Town, ME  
Jenna Lobdell Secondary Education Hampden, ME  
Claire Loeser Elementary Education Saco, ME  
Becky Long Child Development & Family Relations South Weymouth, MA  
Emily Losquadro Child Development & Family Relations Bar Harbor, ME  
Abigail Lynch Child Development & Family Relations Westport, CT  
Brianna MacDonald Elementary Education Holliston, MA  
Kaitlyn Machinski Elementary Education Raynham, MA  
Amari Mack Kinesiology & Physical Education Jeannette, PA  
Charlotte MacMillan Elementary Education Brunswick, ME  
Casey Maddock Secondary Education Scarborough, ME  
Justin Majka Athletic Training West Newbury, MA  
Ryan Malieswski Kinesiology & Physical Education Framingham, MA  
Em Malouin Kinesiology & Physical Education Manchester, CT  
Anna Margetis Child Development & Family Relations Wesley Chapel, FL  
Samantha Marion Child Development & Family Relations Nashua, NH  
Caleb Marquis Kinesiology & Physical Education Winslow, ME  
Taina Marsh Kinesiology & Physical Education North Berwick, ME  
Wade Marsh Kinesiology & Physical Education North Berwick, ME  
Kaleb Marshall Kinesiology & Physical Education Cushing, ME  
Laura Martin Athletic Training Bar Harbor, ME  
Itsuki Matsuyama Athletic Training Kanazawa Ishikawa-prefecture Japan
Hannah McCann Secondary Education Holden, ME  
Meghan McDonald Secondary Education Orono, ME  
Sean McGibbon Secondary Education Millinocket, ME  
Eliza McKenney Kinesiology & Physical Education Phippsburg, ME  
Delani Mclaughlin Kinesiology & Physical Education Greenbush, ME  
Ivy McLellan Elementary Education Calais, ME  
Eliza McPhee Kinesiology & Physical Education Old Town, ME  
Jenna McQuarrie Kinesiology & Physical Education Brewer, ME  
Caeley McVearry Kinesiology & Physical Education Belfast, ME  
Casey Megna Secondary Education Wrentham, MA  
Rebekah Mellor Elementary Education Stockton Springs, ME  
Ella Michaud Elementary Education Winthrop, ME  
Jeremy Miller Kinesiology & Physical Education Old Town, ME  
Katy Misiaszek Secondary Education West Boylston, MA  
Parni Monzo Elementary Education Colonia, NJ  
Taylor Moore Child Development & Family Relations Wales, ME  
Kahlysta Morris Elementary Education Robbinston, ME  
Jacob Mulligan Kinesiology & Physical Education Berwick, ME  
Jacob Mulligan Kinesiology & Physical Education Berwick, ME  
Rachel Mullis Elementary Education Dover Foxcroft, ME  
Fiona Murphy Elementary Education York, ME  
Nicole Murphy Elementary Education Dedham, MA  
Emily Murray Elementary Education Scarborough, ME  
Marion Murray Secondary Education Orono, ME  
Haley Mushrow Child Development & Family Relations Hampden, ME  
Sydney Nangle Elementary Education Windham, ME  
Anna Nault Athletic Training Gorham, ME  
Gabbie Needham Secondary Education Scarborough, ME  
Maxwell Nelson Kinesiology & Physical Education Medfield, MA  
Liv Neuhauser Secondary Education Falmouth, ME  
Samantha Ney Elementary Education Saco, ME  
Emily Ninteau Kinesiology & Physical Education Dracut, MA  
Bodie Nobes Kinesiology & Physical Education Uxbridge, ON Canada
Casey Novelline Kinesiology & Physical Education Sturbridge, MA  
Tylar Nutting Elementary Education Saco, ME  
Deanna Oakes Elementary Education Millinocket, ME  
Luke O’Kelly Secondary Education Cape Elizabeth, ME  
Avery O’Neill Kinesiology & Physical Education Collingwood, ON Canada
Daniel Paine Kinesiology & Physical Education South Paris, ME  
Gavin Parks Athletic Training Calais, ME  
Noelle Patten Elementary Education Hermon, ME  
Alexa Peck Kinesiology & Physical Education Westport Island, ME  
Gabe Pelletier Kinesiology & Physical Education South China, ME  
Grace Pelletier Elementary Education Newburgh, ME  
Lindsey Pellett Child Development & Family Relations Hermon, ME  
Annabelle Pendleton Elementary Education Auburn, ME  
Annabelle Pendleton Elementary Education Auburn, ME  
Meghan Perry Secondary Education South Portland, ME  
Audrey Peters Elementary Education Lee, ME  
Rosemary Peterson Child Development & Family Relations Oakland, ME  
Carly Philbrook Secondary Education Winterport, ME  
Elizabeth Phillips Elementary Education Houlton, ME  
Kassie Plante Kinesiology & Physical Education Sanford, ME  
Samantha Poirier Kinesiology & Physical Education Auburn, ME  
Kennedy Priest Elementary Education Orono, ME  
Mia Quint-Wood Elementary Education South Portland, ME  
Myles Quirion Kinesiology & Physical Education Old Town, ME  
Kit Rafford Secondary Education North Yarmouth, ME  
Ava Rastello Elementary Education Salem, NH  
Kaylee Ray Elementary Education Gardiner, ME  
Emma Raymond Child Development & Family Relations Biddeford, ME  
Joseph Ray-Smith Elementary Education Milbridge, ME  
Kyle Ricker Secondary Education Westport Island, ME  
Alysen Rieth Kinesiology & Physical Education Lake Havasu City, AZ  
Caden Riley Secondary Education Mansfield, MA  
Katie Ritchie Secondary Education Northport, ME  
Madison Ritchie Elementary Education Gambrills, MD  
Nicholas Ritchie Kinesiology & Physical Education Northport, ME  
Clayton Ritter Secondary Education Middletown, DE  
Nilan Rivers Child Development & Family Relations Clermont, FL  
Darcy Rivers-Cochran Child Development & Family Relations Cape Elizabeth, ME  
Alex Roberts Secondary Education Augusta, ME  
Bella Roberts Elementary Education Gorham, ME  
Olivia Rockwood Kinesiology & Physical Education Windsor, VT  
Abby Rodriquenz Kinesiology & Physical Education Lunenburg, MA  
Avery Rolfe Elementary Education Windham, ME  
Taylor Ross Elementary Education Hanson, MA  
Chloe Russell Child Development & Family Relations Gorham, ME  
Brianna Russo Child Development & Family Relations Randolph, MA  
Sophia Russo Child Development & Family Relations East Freetown, MA  
Leah Santon Elementary Education Millbury, MA  
Aidan Schecter Kinesiology & Physical Education Rockport, ME  
Morgan Schwinn Secondary Education Marshfield, ME  
Gil Shapiro Kinesiology & Physical Education Arlington, MA  
Jordyn Shaw Athletic Training Glenburn, ME  
Helen Shearer Kinesiology & Physical Education Hampden, ME  
Vaillant Sheja Kinesiology & Physical Education South Portland, ME  
Morgan Shiber Kinesiology & Physical Education Port Deposit, MD  
Colby Shorey Elementary Education Clinton, ME  
Nathan Skyrme Kinesiology & Physical Education trumbull, CT  
Meghan Small Child Development & Family Relations Milford, ME  
Marshall Smaracko Kinesiology & Physical Education Rollinsford, NH  
Adrianna Smith Kinesiology & Physical Education Reston, VA  
Emma Smith Elementary Education Cornville, ME  
Felicia Smith Elementary Education Lee, NH  
Maxx Smith Child Development & Family Relations Bangor, ME  
T Smith Kinesiology & Physical Education Pasadena, CA  
Alaina Sperrey Child Development & Family Relations Presque Isle, ME  
Aubrey St Pierre Child Development & Family Relations Slidell, LA  
Cullen Stevens Kinesiology & Physical Education Kennebunk, ME  
Kylea Stone Elementary Education Warren, ME  
Emmie Streams Kinesiology & Physical Education Veazie, ME  
Elizabeth Strelecki Secondary Education Wauconda, IL  
Gabrielle Sutherland Kinesiology & Physical Education Woodland, ME  
Jessica Sutherland Secondary Education Bangor, ME  
Emily Swift Kinesiology & Physical Education Sandwich, MA  
Hannah Tash Athletic Training Hampden, ME  
Jayde Temby Undeclared (EDHD) Cheltenham Australia
Emma Tessier Secondary Education Eliot, ME  
Ryan Thompson Secondary Education Howland, ME  
Kathryn Thorn Child Development & Family Relations Camden, ME  
Deklan Thurston Kinesiology & Physical Education Burnham, ME  
Lindsay Todd Elementary Education Dixmont, ME  
Shaylee Tondreau Kinesiology & Physical Education Sidney, ME  
Riley Tourtellotte Child Development & Family Relations Dover, MA  
Hunter Towne Elementary Education Freeport, ME  
Abby Townsend Elementary Education Fairfield, ME  
Zoey Trussell Secondary Education Orono, ME  
Gwenneth Turgeon Secondary Education Auburn, ME  
Jonathan Turlo Kinesiology & Physical Education Hampden, ME  
Sylvia Valentin Elementary Education Saint Paul, MN  
Heidi Vannini Elementary Education Hope, ME  
Sophia Viel Elementary Education Beverly, MA  
Josie Walton Elementary Education South Easton, MA  
Meg Webber Secondary Education Leeds, ME  
Marta Weinstein Child Development & Family Relations Hartland, ME  
Lily Welch Kinesiology & Physical Education Holbrook, MA  
Sarah Wentworth Kinesiology & Physical Education Falmouth, ME  
Zachary Wentworth Secondary Education Calais, ME  
Bethany West Elementary Education Stockton Springs, ME  
Caroline Wheeler Child Development & Family Relations Bowdoin, ME  
Chloe White Kinesiology & Physical Education Freeport, ME  
Jill Wilde Kinesiology & Physical Education Hermon, ME  
Bethany Willard Secondary Education Eddington, ME  
Alexis Williams Kinesiology & Physical Education China, ME  
Mackenzie Wilson Kinesiology & Physical Education Lasalle, ON Canada
Barbara Xing Child Development & Family Relations Jiangsu China
Ashley Yanovak Kinesiology & Physical Education Whippany, NJ  
Mackenzie Yaskula Elementary Education Gorham, ME  
Megan Young Secondary Education Gorham, ME  
Ava Zollars Athletic Training North Wales, PA