Jacobs’ work on outdoor education featured in Gould Academy alumni magazine

Lauren Jacobs, lecturer in outdoor leadership at the College of Education and Human Development, was featured in a magazine cover story by Gould Academy discussing her career in outdoor education and leadership. Jacobs, who graduated from Gould in 2003, talks about how the school in Bethel, Maine helped shape her love for the outdoors and how she turned that love into a career as a champion of more outdoor opportunities for all. “At Gould, I saw the very best of what education could be and the impact educators could have. I didn’t know it at the time, but that impacted my professional trajectory greatly,” Jacobs says. She adds that one of her goals in creating UMaine’s Outdoor Leadership program has been to inspire schools to add outdoor education to their curriculum: “It might be a mix of lots of different things, but my hope would be that every school would have the ability to find that thing that works for their community and then have the resources to implement and sustain that thing.”