Fall 2018 PREP welcome

Greetings to all teachers and staff members from PREP member districts! PREP (the Penobscot River Educational Partnership) is a collaborative of over 20 K-12 school districts and three institutions of higher education along the Penobscot River.

Each year, the districts’ Curriculum/Instructional Leaders meet monthly to plan and offer professional development that helps meet the needs of all educational faculty and staff. As a member of PREP, your district’s faculty and staff are able to participate in any and all offered PD at no extra charge. The only participant requirement is that you register for any/all available events through your district’s Curriculum Leader. There is a public folder where all event flyers are saved. We also have a list of upcoming events at this public site.

We hope you have had a great start to your new school year! We also hope you are able to join us at least once this year. If you have ideas or suggestions for future PD, please share with either your Curriculum Leader or me, elaine.bartley@maine.edu.

Thanks for all you do to make a difference in the educational experience of all PREP members’ students! We appreciate you.


Elaine Bartley, PREP Executive Director

Highlight of Fall Events!
September 20th – Mentor Refresher Training
September 24th – Suicide Awareness Training
September 26th – Visible Learning in ELA
October 3rd – Jan Chappuis and Assessment Literacy!
October 15th – Executive Function (Elementary & Middle Levels)
October 15 & 16th – Mentor Teacher Training
October 29th – Executive Function (Middle & High Levels)
October 29th – Visible Learning in Math
October 30th – Dawnland in the Classroom