Logue cited in Morning Sentinel article about Head Start

Mary Ellin Logue, an associate professor of early childhood education at the University of Maine, was cited in a Morning Sentinel/Kennebec Journal article about a proposed $1.8 million budget cut that would have would have eliminated 83 slots statewide in the Early Head Start program. Instead, lawmakers agreed to fund the program at $3.12 million, the same level as the previous budget, according to the article. “There are a lot of people who have a rough time in life, but if they get a second chance, they can reset,” Logue said. “Head Start is a place where many families can start again and do better with their kids than their own experience was.” Logue said research shows without intervention, poor children will enter kindergarten with lower language skills than their peers. The stress of being poor also takes a toll on families and on children’s ability to learn, she said. “The costs of intervening early far, far, far outweigh the later costs,” she said.