Education Week quotes Biddle in article on Vermont high school

Catharine Biddle, an assistant professor of educational leadership with the College of Education and Human Development, is quoted in a recent Education Week article about student involvement in decision-making at a Vermont high school. The school, Harwood Union High School in Moretown, Vt., gives students a voice in nearly every aspect of school life, from scheduling to the type of instruction used in individual courses. The article says Biddle has studied the school’s relationship to a local nonprofit that provides leadership training to students and staff members at Harwood Union. “Harwood is ahead of the curve because of the number of different ways they’ve institutionalized student voice,” says Biddle. “Involving students as deeply as they have, in as many ways as they have, helps avoid a common mistake of seeing student voice as monolithic: that as long as we get a couple of kids giving us feedback, that’s student involvement.”