Elizabeth Allan, A Champion for Just Leadership

eallanHow has the culture of leadership grown into its current state? Elizabeth Allan’s recent work, Re/thinking Practices of Power: The Discursive Framing of Leadership in The Chronicle of Higher Education, explores the historical and academic trail of this ongoing conversation, and applies critical analysis that reveals ways in which scholarship promotes a set of predictable discourse that align with traditionally masculine modalities of power.

“An analysis of 103 articles published by The Chronicle of Higher Education between 2002 and 2003 reveal four predominant discourses shaping images of leaders: autonomy, relatedness, masculinity, and professionalism. These discourses construct images of leaders as experts, beneficiaries, heroes, tyrants, negotiators, and facilitators.”

Through this research Dr. Allan and her colleagues’ reveal the liberating value of practicing awareness and self-reflection.

Dr. Allan is an Expert in Gender and Leadership, and the Program Coordinator for Higher Education.

Read the Full Paper here.

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