Emma Wilson Transcript

Hi, my name is Emma Wilson, and I am the president of Zeomatrix. We’re working on launching Odigo, which is a composting starter kit. We actually began right here, at UMaine, a world-renowned paper research school. Our core technology is an odor-absorbing paper coating.

I signed up for Top Gun, because I wanted some mentors. That’s one of the things that Top Gun provides, a mentor for each participant. I knew it would be a really good networking opportunity to be able to talk to people that are in the same boat as me who are entrepreneurs that are doing this alone, themselves.

I am, actually, from Greenville, Maine, which is a really small town on Moosehead Lake. I started with Zeomatrix, as an intern, through the Innovate for Maine program. That’s how I started in Orono. Then, when I graduated last May, they needed someone to continue running the company, and they offered me the job. That’s where I am right now.