Tuition and Funding

Please visit the University of Maine Bursar’s Office for more information on tuition and fees.

There are three sources of funding to support your graduate studies. Research assistantships, teaching assistantships, and fellowships are available for students on a competitive basis. Students are rarely admitted without funding, although exceptions may be made.

1. Departmental Research and Teaching Assistantships

These are arranged by your EES faculty advisor from their home department. Graduate assistantships pay a stipend, provide a tuition waiver, and cover a portion of health insurance premiums in exchange for part-time (typically 0.25-0.50FTE) research or teaching support.  The standard minimum stipend is $17,000 for master’s students and $20,000 for doctoral students, based on 2022-2023 figures of a 9-month appointment. Amounts will vary widely depending on the funding source supporting your position. Please visit the Graduate School website for the most up to date minimum stipend amounts.

RAs and TAs are required to work for their advisor by assisting with teaching classes or conducting research.  Please contact your prospective EES faculty advisor to discuss departmental assistantship funding opportunities.

2. Grant-Supported Research Assistantships
In addition to departmental RA and TA positions, EES faculty often secure external research grants that support RA positions. The majority of EES students are hired to filled grant-supported research assistantships. Please contact EES faculty advisors, who share your research interests, to inquire about other openings they may have.

3. Fellowships

The UMaine Graduate School also has a variety of fellowships available. Please contact your prospective EES faculty advisor to nominate you for a Graduate School fellowship. Descriptions are available at this website.

Finally, outside fellowship support is possible such as from the National Science Foundation, US Environmental Protection Agency, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, and Fulbright programs. Please discuss options with your prospective EES faculty advisor.