Ed Grew’s study about Anthropocene minerals garners widespread attention

Ed Grew and co-authors Robert Hazen, Marcus Origlieri and Robert Downs have published a study cataloging 208 minerals tied to human activities and consider how minerals do and will appear in the stratigraphic record of this time period, one many now call the Anthropocene.

The article is published in American Mineralogist. Over 60 news organizations have reported on the publication and its findings. UMaine News has a longer account and interview with Grew.

The accompanying photo shows an aggregate of tan-colored platy crystals of abhurite [Sn2+21O6(OH)14Cl16] from the wreck of the SS Cheerful, which sank July 20, 1885, into ~50 fathoms of water, 14 miles NNW of St. Ives, Cornwall, England.