Math Placement Testing

All students entering UMaine must be placed in the correct math classes. If you have a 670 on the math portion of the SAT, or a 29 on the math portion of the ACT, then you can be enrolled in any math class up to MAT 126 (Calculus I); all other students must take the mathematics placement exam.

Frequently asked questions about the math placement exam

To take the exam, wait 24 hours after activating your UMS account and then:

You have three attempts for each of the three parts of the exam, so if you are not satisfied with your first placement results, we suggest reviewing your high school mathematics and then trying again.

Modern Languages: French and Spanish Placement Exam

Knowledge of a second or third language enriches one’s life and makes for a more competitive resume on the job market. All students are encouraged to pursue the study of French, Spanish, or one of the other languages offered in the Department of Modern Languages and Classics.

To resume study of French and Spanish, students must take the placement exam.

Please contact with your MaineStreet ID number to request a placement exam.
Once you have completed this exam and received your placement, please email us at with your placement results and/or instructor permission, along with your MaineStreet ID number, and the course you wish to take.
1. Written instructor permission (a forwarded email is fine)
2. Your MaineStreet ID #
3. Your course selection

For more information, please contact the Department of Modern Languages and Classics.