Featured Early College Courses for Fall 2020

As the fall semester quickly approaches, we want to take a moment to highlight some of our FEATURED Early College courses. These courses are fully online and paired with resources to help students become proficient in online learning and gain confidence in their ability to complete college-level courses. 

Applications for Fall 2020 courses at UMaine and Fall 2020 courses at Machias are being accepted through the ExplorEC portal. The deadline for all fall course applications is August 24th, so please do not delay!  

The Early College Team is ready to assist you with fall course selection, the application process, tutoring, technology support, and more. Please contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have.

The Early College Team @ UMaine, 

Allison Small, Kari Suderley, & Allison Drinkwater

Early College @ UMaine Machias,

Christy Alley


Courses at UMaine

students in a class with the words BIS 105 Excel fundamentals for business

BIS105: Excel Fundamentals for Business

              • The course introduces students to work with data sets in excel worksheets, formulas, templates, charts, and common excel functions needed in any business context.
              • Online course



Globe hovering over hands wearing medical gloves with the words HTY199 History of EpidemicsHTY 199: Problems in History 

              • Epidemics in American History
              • An analysis of a contemporary issue rooted in a historical problem.  
              • Online course



puzzle pieces shaped like people with the words LDR100 Foundations of leadership

LDR100: Foundations of Leadership

              • Introduction to the study of leadership as a personal and social phenomenon from a multidisciplinary perspective, with a focus on the development of practical leadership skills and behaviors.
              • Emphasis on exploring the nature of leadership in diverse human contexts through civic and community engagement.
              • Online course
              • This course meets the following general education requirement: Social Contexts & Institutions


Surveying device with the words SVT110 Instrumentation and Data CollectorsSVT110: Instrumentation and Data Collectors

              • For students interested in Engineering 
              • Instrumentation used in various aspects of surveying engineering technology and the systems that communicate with those systems (generically known as data collectors) will be discussed.
              • Systems for processing, display, and presentation of results will also be demonstrated.  Photogrammetric data collection will be examined as an alternative to direct field methods.
              • Online course

Course at Machias

Microscope with the words BIO117 This is LIfe!BIO117: This is Life! @UM Machias

              • Fully online course fulfills the requirement for Scientific Inquiry
              • This introductory course in general biology for both majors and non-majors is organized around the characteristics of life.  
              • Topics covered include cellularity, homeostasis, growth, development, reproduction, genetics, response to stimuli, ecology and evolution.