Fragment Analysis

We will first run a test plate to determine the best conditions for your samples. Make several dilutions of some or all of your samples (eg. 1 µl, 2 µl, 5 µl or 10 µl) and aliquot them into a half skirt plate (either odd rows or even rows). We will process that plate and you can determine the dilution that gives you the best signal for your samples.  Once the proper amount has been determined we can proceed with your experimental plate.

Plates should be prepared as follows (including test plate):

  • Using a half skirt 96 well plate aliquot samples into the plate using the plate map supplied (either all odds or all evens).
  • If drying samples down suspend them in 10 µl of Hi-Di Formamide (ABI).
  • If pipetting a small amount of sample into the well bring total volume up to 10 µl with HDF.
  • A size standard must be added to each sample. Follow the instructions on the spec. page of the standard (typically it’s 0.5 µl per well).
  • All wells (either odds or evens) must be filled. If you do not have 48 samples, the blank wells must contain 10 µl Hi-Di Formamide.
  • Seal the plate with the strip caps designed for your plate to prevent leakage during shipping.  Be sure to pad the plate before shipping to prevent damage to the plate.
  • Send us your plate(s).

Download our default load map.