Outreach Internship & Field Experience

UMaine students interested in training in the development of outreach-focused skills & experience, should contact the Counseling Center for additional information and to submit an application.

Outreach/Macro Internship (Masters of Social Work program)

The MSW student intern completes an internship of approximately 600 hours total during the fall and spring semesters, approximately 16 hours per week when school is in session. MSW students must meet specific learning goals determined by their program, and are typically supervised weekly by a staff member with an MSW. Daily supervision is typically provided by the Outreach Graduate Assistant and the Outreach Coordinator. Historically, the MSW Outreach Intern participates in developing and supervising the Mind Spa, pursuing additional funding sources for Mind Spa and other activities, delivers mental health related presentations/workshops, helps with major event planning and community organizing, and assists in the mentorship of undergraduate Field Placement and work-study students. Interns in this capacity are a valuable resource who help extend the Counseling Center’s services to reach students beyond traditional therapy.

As a non-clinical resource for UMaine students, graduate-student interns are able to provide the following outreach and education services independent of close clinical supervision:

  1. Skill development for academic success (e.g., coping skills, test anxiety, test-taking skills, self-esteem work, stress management, time management, and relationship skills)
  2. Referral to campus and community resources.
  3. Programming; awareness presentation for mental health related topics to promote campus wellness
  4. Demonstration of and assistance with all stress reduction activities available in the Mind Spa

Undergraduate Field Experience

A Field Experience with the Counseling Center’s Outreach & Education program provides an opportunity for undergraduate students to gain knowledge about mental health – illness and wellness – and how to support the wellbeing of all students through a variety of ways. The experience consists of an average of 9 hours per week for one semester, and is supervised and evaluated by the Outreach Coordinator, with additional support and oversight by the Counseling Center’s Graduate Assistant and/or MSW Intern(s) for Outreach & Education. Students majoring in Psychology, Social Work, or Human Development are particularly suited for a field experience with us.

By the end of a semester-long Field Experience students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge about mental health concerns & stigma common to college students
  • Identify campus partners available to support student mental health needs
  • Observe outreach activities conducted by Counseling Center staff
  • Co-present (with a member of the Counseling Center Outreach & Education staff) at least one pre-designed activity or presentation to a student group, relevant to mental health.
  • Recognize ways to promote mental health services on campus & assist in promotion of Touchstone Resources and the services we offer
  • Support wellness through assistance at the Mind Spa
  • Identify a topic within mental health that needs promotion/awareness and develop an outreach campaign to the student community about the topic. (Depending on the topic and logistics, students may be able to deliver the outreach before the end of their Field Experience, though this is not guaranteed.)
  • Participate in at least one of the multi-week psychoeducation-based Life Skills Groups offered in the semester (i.e. Helping Skills or Relationship Skills)
  • If scheduling allows, attend an Outreach Committee meeting