inverted microscopy with image capture

Our research is aimed at developing technologies for farming a diverse range of aquatic organisms. R&D projects are generally industry driven and almost always involve commercial partners. We try wherever possible to involve graduate students in the research. University of Maine faculty from various departments including the School of Marine Sciences and the Aquaculture Research Institute are often principal or co-investigators. We also collaborate with a number of other institutions within the state of Maine and out of state.

The facilities at the CCAR are extensive and numerous. Large scale facilities hold permanent populations (such as broodstock) or temporary populations (such as nursery stage fish). Large numbers of fish or invertebrates for production in multiple tanks can allow replicated trials in some cases, allowing  research to complement production.

Our research focus is very wide-ranging and includes studies on development of rearing protocols, systems engineering, nutrition, physiological studies, environmental impacts and sustainability, integrated aquaculture, economics, health, reproductive control, and genetics.

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