FAQ – Employers

Why are graduates reluctant to work from the bottom up? Many potential employers would like to start employees working in a variety of manual labor positions to familiarize them with both the employees, various construction tasks, and the construction firm before they are moved into supervisor or management positions. Prospective employers are disappointed when students turn down the offers under these initial conditions. The problem is not that the students are lazy. The problem is that the students are receiving so many job offers they can pick and choose. Naturally most students opt to enter management or supervisory positions immediately rather than work their way in to that position. Students opt to learn in the position rather than learn their way toward the position.

Well-rounded experience is the best teacher. How can I attract graduates when I demand they get practical work experience before moving into management? The best place to start is by hiring students for summer employment, while they are in college. Starting after the first year of college, students don’t expect to be in management. They look for and welcome any construction employment. Co-op and summer intern positions give employers and employees a chance to learn together and learn about one another.

How can I employ more students in the summer? Students are most likely to take summer jobs near where their parents live or near their college apartment. They are trying to save money for college. Accordingly, they can save more money by living at home with their parents or to continue living where they have to pay rent. Some employers attract students by paying per diem or provide housing for students during the summer.

Would CET students be willing to take jobs in other states upon graduation? Oh yes! Many students are looking for an opportunity to experience other locales — especially to a warmer climate. Approximately one-third of the class are non-residents and some plan to move back to their home state to work.

How can I hire summer or permanent help? Send us a position announcement by email. We will see the announcement is sent to all students.  Another good option is the Career Center — they can post jobs for students in all majors to see on our CareerLink system (for free).  They also manage two career fairs every year.  https://umaine.edu/career/employers/