Racial Equity in Teaching Summer Retreat

June 4-6, 2024 on the Orono Campus

all day events*

Circle containing the words "teaching" and "learning" and a Venn diagram where the three parts labelled diversity, equity and inclusion meet in a small circle labelled belonging.

Join us at an antiracist teaching and learning retreat during which we will engage in storytelling, dialogue, creative exercises, and more. Come and share strategies as well as tools for engaging conversations about where and how race impacts teaching and learning. While modeling anti-racist teaching practices, we will dig into topics of racism, positionality, & dominant narratives. You will practice making the invisible visible, so you can recognize when these forces appear in classrooms and build capacity to identify and counteract inequitable practices and influences. This program will include ample time for reflection, processing, and community building.

Homework and reading will be recommended, but not require of participants.

Breakfast, lunch and refreshments will be provided. Participants will receive a 250$ stipend upon completion. Anyone with a teaching role on campus is welcome to register – graduate TAs, adjunct, teaching staff, faculty and administrators. A minimum number of registrants will be required for this retreat to run. 


8:30am – 4:30pm Tuesday – Thursday

Optional work, creative and reflection times will bracket these hours.  

Location and detailed agenda coming soon!

* Registration Closed *

Questions? Email citlworkshop@maine.edu

*Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate remote or hybrid options for this event, but with enough interest we can design a virtual version in the future!