Maria Villanueva, MFA

Current Role 

Maria Villanueva is an Instructional Designer at the University of Maine’s Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning. 


M.A. Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting, University of North Texas 

B.A.  Fine Arts, Columbus College of Art and Design

Background and Interests

Areas of interest include interactive technology, virtual, and immersive experiences to enhance the learning process. She is particularly interested in how these technologies can be used to engage learners in new and innovative ways, and in exploring the potential benefits and challenges of using them in educational settings.Prior to joining CITL, Maria was a Visiting Assistant Professor of Animation at Alfred University in Alfred, New York.

Maria’s research explores the complex and evolving relationship between humans and nature through the use of various multimedia techniques, including virtual and augmented reality, drawing, painting, video, and site-specific sculpture installations. These diverse forms of expression allow her to delve into the nuanced ways in which humans interact with and perceive the natural world. 

Courses Taught

Maria has taught courses in New Media, Interactive Technology, as well as Foundations courses in drawing.

Publications, Presentations or Exhibits

Maria’s artwork has been exhibited nationally and internationally in formal galleries, as well as general public spaces such as freeway overpasses and vacant lands.

Maria has participated in panel discussions and presentations in subjects related to Art, Ibero-American Identity, and Art in Academia with organizations such as the University Arts Association of Canada, Women Made Gallery, and Northern Arizona University.