Where to Find Brightspace Support

What is Changing

We are transitioning the consultations to a by-request model. Instead of having a calendar with pre-set times, you now email Faculty Support at citl@maine.edu and ask for a consultation. By doing this we hope to provide more flexibility in our available consultation times and be able to support more people. 


Who to Reach Out To

There are many people you can reach out to if you need help. Below is a list of some that may be helpful to you.


Instructional Designers

Ask an expert Instructional Designer for advice on building and/or running a course. Their mission is to help you achieve your teaching and learning goals, even if you are not 100% sure what those are yet. To request a consultation, please Click Here to Fill Out an Appointment Request Form.


Faculty Support

Faculty Support can help you with Brightspace, Kaltura, Zoom, and so much more. They can teach you how to use any of the digital learning tools we have partnered with. Whether you want to schedule a consultation, or need a quick answer, email faculty support at citl@maine.edu and they will get back to you in minutes! (as long as you email during business hours)


IT Support

Are you having issues with your computer? Is there something wrong with your monitor, camera, or microphone? IT Support can help you with any technical issues you may have and help get you up and running. You can contact them by emailing help@maine.edu.


IT Media Services Support

Do you need help with on-campus classroom audio or video equipment? Media services support is here to help you with that! Whether you need to borrow equipment, schedule a classroom, or are running into issues with the classroom equipment they can help you. You can contact them by calling them at 207.581.2500 during normal business hours or visit their website at https://umaine.edu/it/media-services/.


Other Brightspace Resources

Click the links below to explore our other Brightspace resources.


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