NEW! Only Retake Incorrect Questions on a Quiz

Do you want the ability to let your students retake quizzes and only encounter the questions they had previously gotten wrong? A new feature in Quizzes will allow you to do just that! This setting makes it easy for students to focus on the just questions they got wrong. This is especially helpful if there are a lot of questions in the Quiz. 


What will students see?

The experience for students will mostly be the same as it was. Here is some important information on what the students will need to do and what they will see:

  • Students will take their first attempt of the quiz as they normally would. 
  • Once they have submitted their quiz, they will be able to start the quiz again (they can take the quiz as many times as you have allowed).
  • They will only be allowed to retake the questions that they have gotten wrong.
  • They can view the other questions, but will not see the answers. They will only be able to see that they got the question correct and the question text.
  • When you go to Grade the Quiz, you can view how they did on each attempt.


How do I set this up?

Step 1 – Go to the Quizzes area.


Step 2 – Edit an existing quiz or create a new one.


Step 3 – Go to the Assessment tab in the Quiz Setup.


Step 4 – Change Attempts allowed (it must be more than 1). 


Step 5 – Select the Retake Incorrect Questions Only option.


Step 6 – Choose how the grade will be calculated and set up any Advanced Settings. 


Step 7 – Select Save and Close.


Want more information? 

Please visit: Allow Students to Retake Incorrect Questions on a Quiz