Release and Assumption of Risk ("AKA Liability Waiver")

waivers iconRequired for use of the New Balance Recreation Center, Maine Bound Adventure Center, or Wallace Pool, or participation in any programs sponsored by Campus Recreation.

Refer to the categories below to see how to fill out your Release and Assumption of Risk (AKA “Liability Waiver”) before your first visit, and annually.

UMaine Students

Sign your 4-year liability waiver electronically on the Maine Street Portal (look for it in your To Do items). Until you do this your membership here will not be activated and you will be required to purchase a day pass.


Minors are defined as anyone aged 0-17 and adults who are unable to legally sign for themselves. Exception: UMaine students under the age of 18 may sign for themselves. See “UMaine Students”.

A parent or **LEGAL** Guardian must sign!

If the parent / **legal** guardian will be present at the visit:

If the parent / **legal** guardian will not be present at the visit:

UMaine Employees, and All Other Adults with Memberships

Sign on paper at our facility once every 4 years.

Day Pass Purchasers

OPTION 1 – Visit WebTrac to complete the Online Electronic Release and Assumption of Risk – VALID FOR 1 YEAR by purchasing a Waiver Pass for $0. Day pass fees will be charged against this pass at each visit.

OPTION 2 – Submit a signed paper copy of the Release and Assumption of Risk in person and our staff will sell you a Waiver Pass for $0. Day pass fees will be charged against this pass at each visit. NOTE – This paper form must be dated with the same date you submit the form to us!

OPTION 3 – Submit a signed Printable PDF of the RECREATION CENTER Release and Assumption of Risk – VALID FOR 1 DAY ONLY each time you visit. It must be dated for the date of your visit. We have copies at the Rec Center if you don’t want to bring one with you, but that can increase your wait time.

Photo Release Form

Anyone who is having their picture taken by Campus Recreation or University of Maine staff while in a Campus Recreation facility or while participating in a Campus Recreation / Maine Bound activity must complete and sign this form.

Photo Release Form (PDF)