Equipment Checkout

The information below is pre-COVID and is largely not valid right now. It is being left in place for when it is needed once again.


Sports Equipment Checkout
Available for Free Checkout to be used at the New Balance Student Recreation Center

  • Basketballs
  • Indoor Soccer Balls
  • Volleyballs
  • Racquetballs/Racquets/Goggles
  • Squash Balls/Racquets
  • Table Tennis Balls/Paddles
  • Tennis Balls/Racquets (when outdoor courts are open)
  • Floor Hockey Balls/Sticks
  • Pickleballs/Racquets
  • Badminton Racquets/Shuttlecocks
  • Weight Belts

Sports Equipment Checkout Policies

  • Equipment must be returned at least 15 minutes prior to facility close.
  • Participants are financially responsible for any loss or damage to equipment while it is in their possession and/or in their responsibility.  Participants will be assessed up to the market value for replacement of lost/damaged items.
  • Campus Recreation can not responsible for loss or damage to personal equipment or apparel utilized by participants in any facility operated by the Department.