UMaine Students:

  • Campus Recreation full membership is granted to all enrolled full-time and part-time undergraduate and graduate University of Maine students regardless of where they attend their classes (online, remote synch, on campus); access is included in the student’s tuition.
  • Membership is granted for the enrolled semester only, with the exception that a student who is enrolled for any summer class (no matter the duration) is granted a student membership for the entire summer.
  • In order for the student membership to be automatically assigned in our system each semester, UMaine students need:
    • To be enrolled in classes
    • To have a Student MaineCard
    • To sign the Release & Assumption of Risk (AKA Liability Waiver) – look in the To Do list on the right side of the MyCampus Portal home screen – every 4 years
  • Student and Student-Affiliated Secondary memberships are not pro-rated.

“Recent UMaine Student” Membership: UMaine Students who are not enrolled for the current semester, but were enrolled last semester, may purchase a “Recent UMaine Student” membership. This is only available for the next semester after the last term for which they were enrolled. For example, a student who does not take classes over the summer, or a student who graduated at the end of last semester. Fall/Spring: $154; Summer: $94

“Student – Other”  Membership: Students (aged 14+) of other UMaine System campuses, as well as students of other local high schools, colleges, and universities, may purchase the “Student – Other” membership.  Student ID or parent/guardian referral is required.  Fall/Spring: $175; Summer: $125

Secondary Memberships: Student members may add as secondary members their Spouse / Domestic Partner and Legal Dependents living in the same residence. (Roommates do not qualify as domestic partners.) Student Secondary memberships are sold only by the Semester term at the rate of $40 (Fall), $50 (Spring), $30 (Summer) for age 6+. Ages 0-5 are FREE. Acceptable Secondary pass holders include:

  • Spouse / Domestic Partner as defined by the University of Maine’s health benefits plans. In other words, the primary and secondary adult pass holder must have been in a relationship for at least 6 months and intend to remain so indefinitely, live together, neither one be married to anyone else, share significant financial responsibility for each other, not be related by blood to a degree that would prohibit marriage in the State of Maine, and be jointly responsible for each other’s common welfare.
  • Legal Dependents (aged 0-26 and/or declared dependent children) as defined by the University of Maine. A parent or legal guardian must sign the General Use Liability Waiver for all dependents under 18 years of age, prior to the first use of the facility or programs.

30-Day Membership: Valid for 30 days from date of purchase. This is an individuals-only* membership, available to UMaine students who either WERE enrolled last semester (including students who just graduated) or ARE enrolled next semester. As an example, this membership might make sense for a student who stays in town for all of May, or is back in town during the month of August, and only wants to be a member for the 30 days before or after school begins.
* Anyone over the age of 6 needs their own 30-Day Membership. Children aged 0-5 may be added for free as a secondary member.