Online Registration & FAQs

Who is eligible to participate?

Enrolled UMaine students are eligible to participate, as long as they are not expressly disallowed in that sport’s rules. Participants MUST bring their student ID to all Intramural sports activities (games, meets, matches, etc.).

How can I register?

You must register online via IM Leagues.

Do I need to have a team affiliation?

You may register as a team with an organization such as a Residence Hall or a Greek fraternity/sorority, or you can sign up as a free agent.

What are the registration deadlines?

Registration deadlines are listed in the signup information for each event. Entries submitted after the deadline cannot be guaranteed a place in the activity. Campus Recreation reserves the right to refuse or accept any late entry. New players cannot be added once the league season has ended and a team enters into a divisional or All- University playoff. In team tournaments which do not have a corresponding league season, teams may add new players through quarter final games.

What rules apply?

UMaine Intramural sports follow the Constitution of the Intramural Athletic Association of the University of Maine. All participants are required to obey the Sportsmanship Guidelines. Rules for the individual sports are referenced within each description.