DPC Atrium

Atrium ^
• This building is called the Donald P. Corbett Business Building – and we all shorten it to DPC.
• This area is called the Atrium. You’ll find students here studying at all times of the day.
• We use the Atrium for special events, like our Explore Careers Casually event, Accepted Student Day, and as a spot for refreshments after our end-of-semester awards ceremonies.

DPC 100

DPC 100 ^

• This is our auditorium. Students who take intro courses in bio, psychology, and anthropology will have lecture classes in here.
• We use this auditorium for our Winter Recognition Ceremony and our Honors and Awards Ceremony in the spring. These events celebrate our graduates, student organization leaders, and faculty. We also induct new students into Beta Gamma Sigma during these events. BGS is the international honors society for AACSB-accredited business programs like ours. It’s the highest academic honor our business students can attain.

DPC 111

DPC 111 ^

• Here’s an example of a much-used classroom. As you can see, all the tables and chairs are on wheels so that the room can be configured in multiple ways.
• Screens on the walls allow groups of students to present during class.
• This room is also used by student organizations for their meetings.

Bloomberg Lab

Bloomberg Lab ^

• This is our Bloomberg Lab – named for the Bloomberg Terminal we have here. A Bloomberg Terminal allows real-time access to market data and investing analytics. It’s used globally by industry professionals, so it’s pretty amazing that MBS students can learn how to use it and receive their Bloomberg Market Concepts certification for free!
• This terminal is used mostly by finance majors and students in our SPIFFY club. SPIFFY stands for Student Portfolio Investment Fund, and about 60 students manage a portfolio of real money that’s worth about $3.5 million. SPIFFY is one of our 9 MBS student organizations.

DPC 115

DPC 115 ^

• This is an example of one of our stadium classrooms on the first floor. 

DPC 215

DPC 215 & 217 ^

• The classrooms on the second floor are used by the Maine Business School.
• In these two classrooms, the furniture is also mobile, and speakers hang from the ceiling with screens on the walls. This allows students to Zoom in from anywhere if the class offers that modality. It was imperative during Covid.
• Some of our MBA classes are offered as a hybrid model, meaning the classes are held in person in either Orono or Portland with students from the other location and beyond zooming in.

Advising Center

MBS Academic Advising Center ^

• This is the Maine Business School Academic Advising Center. We have our own dedicated undergraduate and graduate advisors.
• First-year students are assigned an advisor who chooses their classes their first semester. Most first-year students take the same intro-level classes across campus.
• Students can meet with their advisor in person or virtually. They are an excellent resource for any academic questions students have, and they work with you to meet your educational goals.

Dean's Suite

Dean’s Suite ^

• This is the Dean’s Suite. These offices include the dean, associate dean, financial administrator, and the main administrator for the MBS.
• Business students are required to bring their laptop to UMaine, but if something happens and you need to borrow a laptop, you can check one out here.

Internship Center

Internship Center ^

• The Maine Business School has its own Internship Coordinator, Taylor Ashley. He employs student workers to help with his many MANY professional development events throughout the year.
• Taylor can help students identify and find internship opportunities. He also hosts events with industry leaders about networking, resume writing, and all things career exploration.
• Business students can also sign up to have a professional headshot taken, and a networking card made – a networking card is like a business card for students.

Computer Lab

Computer Lab ^

• This computer lab on the second floor is open to all MBS students. They can come here and use the printers free of charge.
• All MBS students have access to Grammarly for free. Grammarly is a writing and editing tool that some students may have used in high school. It’s a great way to write papers, and some professors will expect their students to use it.
• Our BIS 105 Excel Fundamentals class is also held in this classroom. All MBS students need to take this 1-credit, 8-week class to graduate. This lab is one of two Certiport Certification Centers in Maine, and all students will take their Excel Certification exam right here.

DPC 205

DPC 205 ^

• This is our newest classroom, which comfortably fits 60 students.
• Like the other rooms, all the furniture is on wheels so they can be moved to suit the situation.