Susan Myrden, Ph.D.


  • Ph.D., Saint Mary’s University (2013)
  • M.B.A., The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (2005)

Teaching Areas

  • Marketing
  • Services Marketing
  • Retail Management
  • Sport Marketing

Awards / Honors

  • Excellence in Research Award (2020) – University of Maine – Maine Business School
  • Bangor Savings Bank/Lyndon Paul LoRusso Faculty Development Fund (2017) – University of Maine
  • Faculty Research Fund – Summer Faculty Research Award (2017) – University of Maine
  • CEEMAN/Emerald Case Writing Competition: 3rd prize (2012) – CEEMAN/Emerald, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Best Reviewer Award (2012) – ASAC Case Track, St. John’s, Newfoundland
  • Dark Side Case Competition – Winner (2011) – Academy of Management, San Antonio, Texas
  • Best Reviewer Award (2011) – ASAC Case Track, Montreal, Quebec


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Das, M. and Myrden, S. (2021) America’s Major League Soccer: Artificial Intelligence & the Quest to Become a World Class League. The Case Journal, forthcoming.

Alkire, L., O’Connor, G., Myrden, S., Kocher, S. (2020) Patient Experience in the Digital Age: An Investigation into the Effect of Generational Cohorts. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Servicesforthcoming.

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Das, M. and Myrden, S. (2020) Asian Football: How Corruption Disrupted Marketing Value in the Game’s Largest Fan Market. The Case Journal, forthcoming.

Warmath, D., Winterstein, A., and Myrden, S. (2020). Sport Motivation as a Possible Indicator of Concussion Reporting Intentions Among Young Athletes. Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine, forthcoming

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Book Chapters

Myrden, S. E., Mills, A., and Helms-Mills, J. (2017). The Gendering of Air Canada: A Critical Hermeneutic Approach. In Mills, A. (Eds.) Insights and Research on the study of Gender and Intersectionality in International Airline Cultures (pp.131 – 156). Bingley: Emerald.

Peer-Reviewed Conference Presentations

Alkire, L., O’Connor, G., Myrden, S., Kocher, S. (2020). Exploring intergenerational customer experience with healthcare technology, Frontiers in Service Conference, Boston, Massachusetts.

Warmath, D., Myrden, S., and Winterstein, A. (2020). Reading the tea leaves: The role of self-determination theory and the socio-ecological model in help-seeking behavior, Frontiers in Service Conference, Boston, Massachusetts.

Warmath, D., Myrden, S., and Winterstein, A. (2020). Concussion reporting motivation in a socio-ecological context: The high school athletes experience. GLATA Annual Meeting, Wheeling, Illinois.

Warmath, D., Myrden, S., and Winterstein, A. (2019). For the love of the game: Intrinsic motivation as a source of demand for a voluntary need-based service, Frontiers in Service Conference, Singapore, Singapore.

Warmath, D., Winterstein, A. and Myrden, S. (2019). Why we play the game: The influence of sport motivation on concussion reporting, Great Lakes Athletic Trainers’ Association Annual Meeting, Wheeling, Illinois.

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