Rusty Stough, Ph.D.

Rusty A. Stough joined the University of Maine in the fall of 2020. Prior to that he was a Ph.D. student in marketing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

His research focuses broadly on two areas: the consumption experience and the neurobiology of attention. For the consumption experience line of research, his work focuses on how people use and interact with products to have an experience, specifically focus on products which are rented or borrowed. For the neurobiology of attention, he’s specifically looking at the role subconscious attention plays in processing of advertisement information. This research utilizes various biometric techniques to study how information is attended to and the downstream effects of subconscious processing.


  • Ph.D., Marketing, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • M.S., Marketing, University of Denver
  • B.S., Chemistry, Geneva College
  • B.S., Biology, Geneva College 

Teaching Areas/Courses

MKT 378: Marketing Research

Research Interests

Consumer Psychology, Neurobiology of Attention, Experiential Satisfaction, Access-Based Consumption, Television Advertising



2018 Albert Haring Symposium, University of Indiana-Bloomington
Discussant for peer work on satiation

2017 Future of Ownership Research Symposium, Vienna, Austria
“You Are What You Borrow”

2017 Association for Consumer Research Conference, San Diego, CA.
“The Effects of Contagion on Access-based Consumption”

2017 Robert D. Mittelstaedt Doctoral Symposium, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

2016 Association for Consumer Research Conference, Berlin, Germany.
“Choosing an Inferior Option: The Case of Disappearing Inherited Options”

2016 Society for Consumer Psychology, St. Pete Beach, FL
“Choosing an Inferior Option: The Case of Disappearing Inherited Options”

2015 Society for Judgement and Decision Making, Chicago, IL
“Like But Please Don’t Share This: Digital Sharing Decreases Felt Ownership”