MBS AACSB Accredited

Maine Business Institute


 The Maine Business Institute is a collaborative initiative designed to meet the business needs of Maine’s economic community and the educational needs of Maine Business School students.

MBS Advisory Board


  1. To provide business consulting services to Maine-based organizations
  2. To offer workforce development opportunities for companies and employees
  3. To provide MBS students with integrated learning opportunities


What’s the best Management Information System? On what platforms should I advertise my start-up business? What CRM software is most effective? Questions like these are important, but not all businesses have the time or resources to research, develop, and launch such new strategic initiatives.

By working with the Maine Business Institute, local businesses consult with students and faculty to find suitable strategies. Maine businesses receive information necessary to thrive and grow while preparing Maine Business School students for post-graduate success through projects with real-world implications.

Professional Development Education

Formal degrees prepare employees to work, but what alternative ways can businesses update and maintain their human capital?

The Maine Business Institute offers short, specialized, stand-alone classes that fit the needs of professionals and employers. From data-driven decision-making and project management to critical thinking and QuickBooks, the PDC delivers classes tailored to the location, time, and development needs of you or your business.

Experiential Student Learning


Looking for motivated interns? Not sure how your business can structure or benefit from an internship program?

The Maine Business Institute is a conduit for talented MBS students to find applied and practical experience through internships. Businesses with established internship programs are connected with viable candidates to fill their positions. For companies seeking to establish and run their own internship programs, the PDC offers consulting to work through the process.

“Corporate Classrooms”

For some businesses, maintaining an in-house internship program isn’t feasible. Corporate Classrooms offer the tangible benefits of internships for both companies and students, with a twist. These short, intensive programs merge faculty-led courses and project-based internships. Students attend class on-location at a business, with lectures and homework administered by an MBS faculty member. The host business provides projects for students to work on, from HR to marketing. At the end of the course, businesses benefit from student deliverables, and students gain real-world experience.

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