Internship Opportunities

Are you a Student looking to take advantage of an Internship Opportunity for college credits?

The Maine Business School Internship Program is designed for students to get hands on, real world experience.  It is an important step into the professional world: where students can develop a network of contacts and gain in-depth experience that often yields a distinctive advantage on the job market.

What is an internship? An internship is a temporary position in which a student performs professional tasks according to their job description.   It is an opportunity for students to put their knowledge and skills to use in a real world setting and to develop professional relationships.

How can a student earn credits?  Students can earn credits if they have “free electives” available.  Depending on the hours worked, students can earn between 1-6 “free elective” credits for an internship.  In order to be eligible for an Internship, students must have a GPA of at least 2.5 or higher, have junior/senior standing, and must not be on probation.

Our Internship Coordinator works closely with companies to establish relationships with the Maine Business School to create internship opportunities for our students, publicize current internship opportunities, oversee internships that are credit based, and conduct exit interviews with internship providers.

Maine Business School students looking to take advantage of the Internship Program should contact our Internship Coordinator, Amanda Paradis, to discuss available opportunities at

Are you a Business looking to partner or affiliate with the Maine Business School?

The Maine Business School is reaching out to organizations in regards to our Internship Program.  This program offers numerous opportunities to organizations and to University of Maine business students.  We aim to build a robust network of partner relationships between the MBS and a range of organizations.  We have talented, intelligent students with expertise in a full complement of business skills who are eager for professional experiences.

The MBS Internship Program aims to build a long-term relationship with internship providers and offers resources to help in creating and maintaining a fruitful internship for your organization, specifically offering consultation in:

  • Designing the internship description
  • Targeting the student segment most closely aligned with the internship’s roles
  • Promoting the internship to MBS students

The MBS also focuses on maintaining high quality fit between the intern and the organization. To discuss creating or modifying an internship please contact the Maine Business School Internship Coordinator, Amanda Paradis, to discuss this opportunity at 207-581-1998 or