Internship Story: Ellie Nash at Marin Skincare

How did you hear about the internship at Marin?

I heard about this internship through the Innovate for Maine Fellows Program at the UMaine Career Fair. 

Why did you choose to intern at Marin?

I interned at Marin because of its unique skincare approach, which utilizes Maine lobster glycoproteins within their hydrating cream. When I discovered Marin’s cream helped thousands with dry skin conditions, it resonated with me because I struggle with eczema. Additionally, the idea of being part of a fast-growing start-up was exhilarating. The company founders, both University of Maine graduates, were able to transform the waste product of a lobster into a valuable resource, which furthered my interest in their company. 

What were your internship tasks?

My internship tasks varied but were all marketing-focused. For example, I created engaging content for TikTok and Instagram, edited videos, and developed impactful marketing strategies. I worked at pop-up events at L.L. Bean and Toad and Co. These in-person events allowed me to pitch the product to potential consumers and share my experience as someone with eczema who used Marin and had great results.

What did you like most about your internship with Marin?

What I enjoyed most about my internship was having the opportunity to collaborate with a start-up team. I valued my role because it helped grow my understanding of marketing through social media. 

What were the biggest challenges you faced as an intern?

My biggest challenge as an intern was performing tasks like editing and creating videos for this company’s niche market. These videos had to be specific to the company’s style through language, color, and sounds. I had to learn how to use social media from the perspective of a company’s marketing team rather than for personal use.  

What did you learn during your internship that you couldn’t have learned in the classroom?

Working at a start-up allowed me to work directly with the co-founders. I don’t think I would have had that opportunity at a large company. I saw firsthand how the co-founders interacted with potential customers to market their products. This internship deepened my connection to skincare and reshaped my perspective on innovation, education, and the meaningful impact that can arise from pursuing what truly matters to me. 

How will this experience help you move forward in your career?

My experiences while working at Marin gave me insight into how a small business works and the importance of passion for a venture to succeed. This internship has also reshaped my personal approach to working in many ways. I learned the importance of seeking opportunities that align with my values, skills, and interests. I’ve come to understand that professional growth is not limited to the confines of a traditional job description and that the most rewarding experiences arise when I’m engaged in work that speaks to my values.

Any advice to share with other students interested in an internship with a start-up?

I encourage students interested in working with a start-up to be ready to work hard and be open to learning many different skills. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Researching the industry is essential because it plays a big part in understanding the sector in which the business resides. Be ready to learn about the many facets that go into starting a business.

Why did you decide to study business at the Maine Business School?

I decided to pursue a business education at the Maine Business School due to personal and career-driven factors. First, I have a strong aspiration to become a business owner, and I recognized that studying business would provide me with the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve that goal. Additionally, I wanted to stay in Maine and attend the university where many of my relatives had also received their education.

Hometown: Falmouth, Maine
Majors: Management & Markteting
Concentration: Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Year of Graduation: 2024
Internship Title: Marketing Intern