Additional Information On Deposits

*Please make sure that all gift monies received in your department are immediately forwarded to the Gift Processing Department at 121B Alumni Hall using a Gift Transmittal Form (available from the Gift Processing Department) and not a regular schedule of collections form.

Schedule of Collections

To process your Schedule promptly and efficiently, please review your deposit carefully to verify that all sections are filled out completely and correctly. It is also important that your supervisor verify the accuracy and completion of your deposit. It is very important that deposits be correct. Thank you.

  1. Please list department name, campus mailing address and contact’s phone number.
  2. The date the Schedule of Collections was prepared
  3. Deposits should be made on a daily basis.
  4. Multiple account numbers should equal the TOTAL.
  5. For Canadian checks and cash, call the Bursar’s Office for the daily discount exchange at 581.1529.
  6. Enter the Total amount of cash.
  7. Enter the Total amount of checks.
  8. In the Prepared By section, please print your name.
  9. The Cash Received By section is for the Bursar’s Office use only.
  10. There should be a separate adding machine tape on both the checks and on cash.
  11. All checks should be stamped on the back with your department’s name and “For Deposit Only.”
  12. Departments should make a copy of the Schedule prior to sending it to the Bursar’s Office. When you receive the receipt, match it to the Schedule and review it carefully. If you have ANY questions, please contact the Bursar’s Office at 581.1521 immediately.

Please click here to download the new Schedule of Collections Form (Microsoft Excel).

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