Visiting Artist – Zach Poff – Oct. 24

On Tuesday, October 24, the Department of Art’s Intermedia MFA program will host the last guest in its fall visiting artist lecture series. Media artist, educator, and maker of things, Zach Poff will speak at 7pm IMRC 104.
“Zach Poff is a New York area media artist, educator, and maker-of-things. His artwork is rooted in open systems that eschew individual authorship in favor of collaborative or generative models. His recent work employs unique sound tools to explore social and ecological relationships (Pond StationSferics). His algorithmic remixes of popular media uncover hidden subtexts lurking inside familiar forms (Radio SilenceVideo Silence). He considers his art-making, teaching, and software development to be contributions toward a culture of sharing & empathy, in direct opposition to commercial media’s cult of the individual.

Please check out his website: