Arsenic Links


Here is the link to the Maine Bureau of Health arsenic pamphlet

This link is to the Maine State Drinking Water Program private wells page. It has additional information on well testing, arsenic testing and treatment

Click her to see a list of commercial labs in Maine that can test your waterMore information about well water quality and testing can be found here.

A general overview on arsenic in drinking water is available at the World Health Organization web site.

This USGS website discusses the distribution of arsenic in the United States

This excellent website from a Harvard University researcher has a lot of information about arsenic, affected areas and other resources. There is also a comprehensive list of links.


This website also contains information about avoidance and some of the cost constraints associated with treatment technologies.

The EPA document here provides detailed information about community water treatment technologies for arsenic and their costs.

You can find more information about the arsenic crisis in Bangladesh as well as treatment options and data here.