About Research Data Security Services

Research Data Security Services are central services extended by the Office of the Vice President of Research and Dean of the Graduate School at the University of Maine. Security services facilitate the development and implementation of research-specific data security guidance, policy, and infrastructure, in line with UMS and UMaine information security policies and procedures.

Areas of Focus

  • Security Plan development
  • Pre- and post-award review & consulting with PIs
  • Control reviews, including document compliance, within secure computing environments
  • Security responses for secure environments to ensure compliant reaction to security incidents
  • Development of System Security Plans (SSPs)
  • Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M) to identify information system weaknesses, mitigating actions, resources, and timelines for corrective actions
  • Technical security controls assessments and baseline validations to identify vulnerabilities and correct deficiencies as part of a continuous monitoring program

Collaborating Partners