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About Research Information Management

UMaine Research Information Management (RIM) is part of central services at the Office of the Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School. We provide research funding data to assist faculty, staff, administrators and students and support their research, scholarship, and creative activities.

Who We Are

What We Do


  • Provide sponsors with research funding reports
  • Evaluate, implement, integrate and maintain enterprise and campus-wide software
  • Create efficient and streamlined internal processes
  • Reduce administrative burden and inefficiencies
  • Provide training for faculty and staff on research information systems
  • Collaborate with system IT and on-campus IT resources


Our Role

Provide Reporting, Tools and Data Workflows

  • UMaine Research Reporting Portal (Web-Based)
  • Integrate and collect data from numerous UM information systems
  • Provide reports for all levels of data, administration and management needs
  • Submit data as required to external entities

Maintain, Develop and Enhance Research Information Systems

  • PARS
  • ORA Database
  • ImageNow (Document Management)
  • eProtocol (Human Subjects Compliance)
  • iLabs
  • Infoready

Support Faculty and Staff

  • Provide training and support on information systems
  • Time & Effort Reporting and Certification