New Federal Regulations to Impact Research Security at UMaine

What is NSPM-33?

The National Security Presidential Memorandum 33 (NSPM-33), issued on January 14, 2021, initiated the development of research security standards for institutions that receive $50 million or more a year in federal science and engineering support. These standards are being designed to strengthen the research enterprise against foreign government interference and exploitation and they are expected to be released in their final form in fall 2023.

These standards include an institutional research security program, a new baseline for cybersecurity, periodic training on research security and export control, and mandatory protocols for foreign travel.

What does this mean for UMaine?

As an institution that receives more than $50 million in federal science and engineering support, UMaine will be required to implement these standards to maintain and receive federal science and engineering support, which could be as soon as fall 2024. 

How is UMaine addressing NSPM-33?

The Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) released draft requirements for NSPM-33 on March 7, 2023. In response to these draft requirements, a core NSPM-33 committee was formed to enable the UMaine research enterprise to achieve and maintain compliance with emerging NSPM-33 requirements. The NSPM-33 committee will advise University leadership of progress, status, and risks within the context of NSPM-33. UMaine’s Advanced Research Computing, Security, and Information Management (ARCSIM) is also working closely with the UMS:IT Information Security Office to detail the implications of the draft cybersecurity requirements in NSPM-33.

The successful implementation of NSPM-33 is paramount to UMaine’s success as a research institution. Failure to comply with these federal requirements could result in penalties or loss of grant funding. 

Compliance with these new requirements will take cooperation from the entire University community, and it is recognized that the federal government has proposed an aggressive schedule for the implementation of NSPM-33. Seeking compliance with input from the research community will be essential..  Please look out for updates from ARCSIM in the fall of 2023 to be aware of the full impact of NSPM-33 on federally supported research.

Shortly after the release of the official guidance this fall, the NSPM-33 committee will host a public forum to discuss NSPM-33.