Testing the efficiency of the net washing machine for intermediate culture of the Atlantic sea scallop

Lead PI: Caitlin Cleaver

PI Email: caitlin.cleaver@maine.edu

Co-PI: Marsden Brewer, Maine Aquaculture Co-Op President

Project Team: Alex de Koning, Marsden and Bobby Brewer, Andrew Peters, Hannah Twombly & Connor O’Neil, Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership, Peter Miller, Merritt Carey, Skip Connell, Jason Witham, Paul Savoy

Abstract: Lantern nets are widely used as an intermediate and final grow-out culture technique for scallop aquaculture in Maine; however, methods for addressing biofouling control are needed. By purchasing a net washer and pump unit specifically designed to wash lantern nets, the project team will help address the barrier related to finding methods for controlling biofouling. They will also test the feasibility of sharing equipment amongst multiple farms, which will help collect information related to understanding opportunities for gear sharing schemes and the potential importance of the co-op model as applied to aquaculture. To share lessons learned and knowledge of how to use the equipment, the investigators will create short, how-to videos and also organize opportunities for other farmers interested in using the machine to visit the farm where the washer is in use. They plan to share lessons learned and project results in a written report available on the Maine Aquaculture Co-Op (MAC) website as well as through presentations and discussions at MAC meetings which take place on a quarterly basis and during the scallop aquaculture session at the Maine Fishermen’s Forum.

Project Dates: June 2020 – June 2022

Project Funding: Maine Aquaculture HUB