Dr. Kurt Rademaker

Kurt RademakerVisiting Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Quaternary Archaeology, University of Maine, 2012
M.S., Quaternary and Climate Studies, University of Maine, 2006
B.A., Anthropology, University of Kentucky, 1997

Professional Interests:

Environmental Archaeology, human ecology and biogeography, Geoarchaeology, archaeological and Quaternary science, hunter-gatherers, origins of complexity, lithic technology, interdisciplinary collaboration and education.

Representative Publications:

Rademaker, K., Glascock, M.D., Kaiser, B., Gibson, D., Lux, D.R., Yates, M.G. (2013). Multi-technique geochemical characterization of the Alca obsidian source, Peruvian Andes. Geology 41(7), 779-782.

Sandweiss, D.H., Rademaker, K.M. (2013). El poblamiento del sur Peruano: costa y sierra. Boletín de Arqueología PUCP 15, 274-294. Lima.

Rademaker, K., Bromley, G.R.M., Sandweiss, D.H. (2013). Peru archaeological radiocarbon database, 13,000-7000 14C B.P. Quaternary International 30, 34-45.

Rademaker, K., Reid, D.A., Bromley, G.R.M. (2012). Connecting the dots: least-cost analysis, paleogeography, and the search for Paleoindian sites in southern highland Peru. In: White, D.A., Surface-Evans, S. (Eds.), Least Cost Analysis of Social Landscapes: Archaeological Case Studies. Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, pp. 32-45.

Bromley, G.R.M., Hall, B.L., Rademaker, K.M., Todd, C.E., Racoviteanu, A.E. (2011). Late Pleistocene snowline fluctuations at Nevado Coropuna (15ºS), southern Peruvian Andes. Journal of Quaternary Science 26(3), 305-317.

Bromley, G.R.M., Hall, B.L., Schaefer, J.M., Winckler, G., Todd, C.E., Rademaker, K.M. (2011). Glacier fluctuations in the southern Peruvian Andes during the late-glacial period, constrained with cosmogenic 3He. Journal of Quaternary Science 26(1), 37-43.

Sandweiss, D.H., Kelley, A.R., Belknap, D.F., Kelley, J.T., Rademaker, K.M., Reid, D.A. (2009). GPR identification of an early monument at Los Morteros in the Peruvian coastal desert. Quaternary Research 73, 439-448.

Bromley, G.R.M., Schaefer, J.M., Winckler, G., Hall, B.L., Todd, C.E, Rademaker, K. (2009). Relative timing of last glacial maximum and late glacial events in the tropical Andes. Quaternary Science Reviews 28(23-24), 2514-2526.

Perry, L., Dickau, R., Zarrillo, S., Holst, I., Pearsall, D.M., Piperno, D.R., Berman, M.J., Cooke, R.G., Rademaker, K., Ranere, A.J., Raymond, J.S., Sandweiss, D.H., Scaramelli, F., Tarble, K., Zeidler, J.A. (2007). Starch fossils and the domestication and dispersal of chili peppers (Capsicum spp.) in the Americas. Science 315, 986-988.

Perry, L., Sandweiss, D.H., Piperno, D., Rademaker, K., Malpass, M.A., Umire, A., de la Vera, P. (2006). Early maize agriculture and interzonal interaction in southern Peru. Nature 440, 76-79.


Email: kurt.rademaker@umit.maine.edu

Department of Anthropology
University of Maine
5773 S. Stevens Hall, Rm. 232C
Orono, Maine 04469-5773


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