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Center for Additive Manufacturing of Metals (CAMM)

What is CAMM?

The Center for Additive Manufacturing of Metals (CAMM) is a center focused on additive manufacturing of metals based at the Advanced Manufacturing Center (AMC) on the campus of the University of Maine. CAMM is committed to leading the way for Maine’s businesses to familiarize themselves with additive metal manufacturing (AMM) technology, as well as workforce development and training and to facilitate the mass adoption of AMM technology in Maine.

What is AMM?

Additive metal manufacturing (AMM) is the process of fusing small (10-50µm) metal particles together to form physical parts. Our current system, the Studio System+™ by Desktop Metal, uses Bound Metal Deposition™ (metal powder mixed with wax and a polymer binder extruded layer by layer) to create metal structures that have similar properties to metal parts produced via casting or subtractive processes (e.g., milling, turning). For more information, check out Desktop Metal’s best practices for model design here.

What is CAMM’s mission?

At CAMM, we strive to help Maine businesses reach their greatest potential by utilizing the latest in AMM technology to reduce pricing and increase speed of development on tooling, fixturing, and complex shapes and parts. We take your core concepts and work out the details of how to build it. No idea is too big or too small!

How can this help my firm?

Compared to existing processes, AMM processes have many distinct benefits, including:

  • Reduced lead times, which can mean a decrease in lost revenue while waiting for a part to be made.
  • Small, easily customizable lot sizes ensure you pay for only the parts you need manufactured.
  • Parts produced by Bound Metal Deposition™ are often dramatically cheaper, due to the low setup and labor costs compared to Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) or CNC machining.

Additionally, our use of the Studio System+™ and its associated Fabricate™ software allows us to accept and import native CAD files directly into the program, as well as 3D drawings/models.

How do I work with CAMM?

Contact us! Send an email to or give us a call at 207.581.2713 to set up an appointment. From there, you can either:

  • send us a CAD file of your part, and our engineers will analyze it to make sure we can print it properly; or
  • set up a meeting with us, where we will help you finalize your core concepts, create a CAD file, and convert it to a 3D model we can print.

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