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An invitation to all

The Alliance fosters innovation and entrepreneurship by providing place-based, hands-on professional development opportunities. The Alliance brings diverse partners together to experience first-hand how investments in infrastructure and new technologies are transformin

g Maine’s seafood economy. Idea leaders and innovators share their knowledge and lessons learned, benefiting the entire sector. Activities such collaborative projects, industry field days, meetings, and forums expand and strengthen the network by building partnerships that break down the “silos” within Maine’s marine economy.

What are the benefits of joining the Alliance?

  • Learn strategies to enhance production value and develop new seafood-related products
  • Create and access workforce development and training programs
  • Gain knowledge of new trends and technologies
  • Learn how to access financial resources for your business/organization
  • Access the latest sustainability and resource health research
  • Leverage your business/organization’s capacity and regional impact
  • Forge new partnerships and network with others in the marine sector
  • Participate in the growth and progress in your industry

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