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Prospective Graduate Students

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The School of Economics (SOE) provides excellent opportunities for graduate students to study applied economics, financial economics, and policy analysis. The school administers the M.A. in Economics, the M.A. in Financial Economics, and the M.S. in Resource Economics and Policy, and participates in the M.S. and Ph.D. programs in Ecology and Environmental Sciences and other programs at UMaine (e.g., the M.A. program in Global Policy and the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. program). These diverse graduate programs reflect the diverse strengths and interests of UMaine’s productive and engaged graduate faculty.

SOE programs focused on advanced study of economics and policy stay aligned with cutting-edge research advances and emerging policy issues. Students enrolled in the school’s graduate programs combine core training in economic theory and quantitative methods with specialized courses covering a wide range of topics. Graduate students in all programs acquire the skills and knowledge to apply economic theory and tools to address interesting societal problems. The school creates numerous opportunities for students to expand their horizons by involving them in ongoing research projects, partnering them with public and private sector institutions, and placing them in innovative internship experiences. Students benefit from small class sizes, considerable individual attention from SOE faculty, and ties to UMaine’s world-class research centers.

Strong analytical, quantitative, and communication skills prepare graduates from SOE’s master’s degree programs for doctoral study in economics and related fields and employment with government agencies, private firms, and non-profit organizations.

Professor Jonathan Rubin, Graduate Coordinator
School of Economics

SOE Graduate Programs Brochure (PDF) – Learn more about the school, our graduate programs, and how to apply to these and other programs at UMaine

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