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Minor in Sustainable Food Systems

The School of Food and Agriculture, Department of Anthropology, Maine Business School, and University of Maine Cooperative Extension are pleased to announce a new minor in “Sustainable Food Systems.”

This new Minor will offer UMaine students opportunity to explore a broad range of topics and disciplines following the common thread of food. Following national and international trends, e.g., “locavore” and “Slow Food,” this minor is designed for students in any discipline who wish to better understand and participate in the multifaceted food system, from farm to fork to wellness.

Eric Gallandt, School of Food and Agriculture

18 Credits: 9 from required courses and 9 from elective courses, no more than 9 total credits may be from 100-level classes
Minimum Cumulative GPA of 2.0 in the minor classes is required

Learning Outcomes:
Upon successfully completing this minor, students will be able to:
• Demonstrate an understanding of basic nutrition including life processes and the role nutrients play in these processes and identify food sources of nutrients.
• Understand and critique U.S. and global food systems, including production, processing, safety, distribution, and consumption.
• Describe environmental impacts of food production, transportation, and processing on soil, water, climate, and the biosphere.
• Explain the effects of food intake on human health.
• Identify and explain strengths and weaknesses of local, global, conventional, and organic food production systems.
• Make predictions about future trends in food systems, and the social, economic/business, and environmental implications of predicted changes.
• Propose scenarios that will increase the sustainability of local, regional, national and global food systems.

Catalog Description:
The Minor in Sustainable Food Systems provides students with an understanding of the sustainability of U.S. and global food systems, including factors such as production, processing, safety, distribution, and consumption of food. This program complements degree programs in natural and social sciences, as well as business. The minor includes 18 credit hours of coursework.

Required Courses:
FSN 101 Introduction to Food and Nutrition
PSE 105 Principles and Practices of Sustainable Agriculture
PSE 312 Sustainable Food Systems [Pending Approval] (PSE 105 is a prerequisite)

Elective Courses:
ANT 212 The Anthropology of Food
ECO 190 World Food Supply, Population and the Environment
FSN 270 World Food and Nutrition
FSN 330 Introduction to Food Science (BIO 100 and BMB 207 or CHY 121 are prerequisites)
FSN440 Utilization of Aquatic Food Resources (Bio 100 and CHY 121 are prerequisites)
FSN 450 Food Biotechnology (BIO 100 is a prerequisite)
FSN 520 Product Development (FSN 330 is a prerequisite)
PAX 370 Building Sustainable Communities
PSE 101 Cropping Systems (PSE 100 is a prerequisite)
PSE 320 Organic Matter Management (BMB 207 or CHY 121 and PSE 140 are prerequisites)
Appropriate Special Topics classes are also permitted (e.g., “ANT 305, History of Agriculture”), some of which may have prerequisites

Sustainable Food System flyer (pdf)