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Graduate Student Directory

All phone numbers have a 207 Area Code.

Graduate Student Phone E-mail Office Thesis
Bryan Brown 201 Greenhouse Researching the Ecology of Organic Farms
Kristen Brown 581-2922 14 Deering Hall The Use of Late Blight Resistant Potato Varieties to Reduce the Need for Chemical Fungicide Applications
Aaron Englander  581-2935 201 Greenhouse Evaluating Fertility Strategies and Mycorrhizal Innoculants for High Quality Organic Bread Wheat
Jonathan Foster  581-2922 14 Deering Hall Effects of Light and Water on Greenhouse Propagation of the Clonal Sub-shrub Linnaea borealis
Kathryn Gause  581-2927 18 Deering Hall Management Strategies for Improving the Nutritional Quality of Processing Potatoes
Fang Geng 103 Deering Hall Micropropagation of Apple Rootstocks:  Shoot Elongation and
Proliferation of Initial Nodal Cultures
Kathleen Marshall 103 Deering Hall Soil Organic Matter Management
Erin Roche 103 Deering Hall Fertility management for organic bread wheat
Jen Stiles 14 Deering Hall