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PSE Students, Faculty, and Staff Enjoy Welcome Back Picnic

At lunch time on Friday, September 14, students, faculty, and staff associated with the Plant, Soils, and Environmental Sciences Department gathered  between the front of Deering Hall and the historic greenhouses to enjoy our annual Welcome Back Picnic.

First year student, Ruby Daybranch, enjoys some freshly grilled corn-on-the-cob

There were tons of goodies to enjoy at this year’s picnic: Grillmasters Brad Libby and Joel Whitney (ENH) made sure that all the handmade burgers and sausages were grilled to perfection.  Assistant Professor of Weed Ecology, Eric Gallandt provided sweet corn from nearby Rogers Farm, and Brad and Joel grilled the ears in their husks over the charcoal for everyone as well.

Dr. Stephanie Burnett, Assistant Professor of Ornamental Horticulture, made sure that the vegetarians among us would have something delicious to eat as well!  She prepared tempeh and grilled vegetables.  From what I heard around the picnic, it was the best tempeh that most of the attendees had ever had!  (Nice work, Dr. Burnett!)  Luckily, there were several vegetarian options for our meat-free friends.  In addition to tempeh with grilled veggies and corn on the cob, Dr. Burnett and Instructor Jaina Young (Landscape Design, Construction) put together a large salad, and Jaina made a few vats of homemade baked beans!  For dessert, those who moved fast enough were able to get a square of homemade apple cobbler and espresso cookies!



Senior Environmental Horticulture student, Joel Whitney, finally gets to take a break from his Grillmaster duties!

While the picnic was going on, several Horticulture Club members took the initiative to weed the gardens in front of Deering Hall.  We all just want them to know how much we appreciate their hard work to make Deering Hall look so good.  Thanks, Katey Coulling (ENH), Zach Campbell (ENH), Meghan McLain (ENH), and Matt McAdam (ENH)!

It was a beautiful day, and many people remained to eat and talk.  Dr. Gallandt thanked everyone for coming and said that this year’s picnic was the most well-attended kick-off we’ve put on yet.  I guess next year we know what we have to live up to!



Thanks to Environmental Horticulture students (and members of the Horticulture Club!), Matt McAdam, Meghan McLain, Katey Coulling, and Zach Campbell (L to R) for weeding in the beds in front of Deering Hall!











A special THANK YOU to the following people…

Dr. Eric Gallandt – for providing the grills and the sweet corn.

Brad Libby and Joel Whitney – for being the Grillmasters :o), and for helping to tear down!

Dr. Stephanie Burnett – for making a lot of yummy food, helping to set up and tear it all down…!

Environmental Horticulture Graduate Students, Shuyang Zhen & Jonathan Foster – for setting up and also tearing down (and, JF – for being generally hilarious).

Dr. Marianne Sarrantonio and Heather Simpson (ENH) – for washing dishes (yuck!) helping to tear it down.

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